Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back on the Bike


I am writing this more for me than anyone else.  Mostly because I am terrible at keeping journals.  Particularly journals that are all in one place.  I have found that this is mostly because I have been writing EVERYWHERE.  I didn't notice I did this but apparently I write stuff literally everywhere.  If there were some way to have this stuff collect itself in one location I would have enough material to write this blog non-stop.

As it is.  I am forced to write more in more places until I get a scrap of writing that ends up here.  This brings me to my next and previous topic.  Recovery, how it went, and if I met my goals.

I am feeling much much better.  I have a follow-up in Nov to make sure I am actually doing better and not just feeling better.  As for my goals... well lets see.

1: my prototype is not playable but is much closer to being playable and I am satisfied with my progress as other things to precedence and my goals shifted (mostly to not feeling like crap... I had no idea how exhausting regrowing a breastplate could be).

2: I have a decently detailed document at least getting my idea down on paper.  A lot of paper.  And some Internet, but not much.  Don't have much research but I have enough to feel like this is possible IF I can find out more about start-up costs and start-up capital.

3: I'll be honest.  I didn't touch this one.  I didn't like computers while I was healing... too much sitting up... it hurt me.

4: I used it a bit but didn't learn a lot.  What I DID do was look at a ton of photographs and learn more about how people do some of the things I want to learn.  Now I won't feel as weird trying to put some techniques into practice.

5: Done and Done.  This one I nailed.  I love it so far and now I'm super pumped about it.  To the point where I am starting to write another campaign AND hoping to translate both into wiki format via Obsidian Portal at some point. (Getting so into DMing its not even funny)

6: This one will bring me back to my original statement and I will now revisit this goal.  My goal is not to write more it is to share more of it and possibly collect more of it and learn from my older writing.  My other goal is to get in the practice of scheduled writing (which would require a real schedule but... whatever) and to help with this I am really looking forward to Nov again as I will probably be trying to participate in NanoWriMo again and failing at it gloriously again.

That appears to be all for now.  It seems my life is slowly shifting and a few big shifts seem to be wanting to take place soon so I'll look forward to writing about these as well.

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