Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's Goin' Down

Alright.  So coming up soon I am gonna be somewhat out of commission recovering from surgery but before that happens I have set aside 3 major goals of mine which I would like to accomplish by the end of my recovery time.  I figure that writing them down is a great way to force myself to follow through on them.  Any encouragement towards these goals would be greatly appreciated as well lol.

The First:  Complete a playable prototype of a card game I have been working on and test it with as many people as I can.  Attached to this would be figuring out copyrighting for the game as I have little to no idea how copyrights on games work.

The Second: Conceptualize and lay out some sort of document or plan for a place of business that has been bouncing around my head for quite some time.  Do some research regarding precedents for this particular type of business and hopefully have some actual numbers to start working with.  Any good resources for modeling business plans would be appreciated.

The Third: Orange box an exterior level design concept I have been working on.  Seriously.  I really just need to go and do it.  For real.... or unreal... unreal 3.  Yup. That's all.  But I felt like this bullet note needed more.  And now I can't stop.  I think I need help.

The Fourth: Use my camera more and learn more about what I am actually doing with it.

The Fifth: Plan out a bit more of my DnD campaign so I don't need to think about it when our group finally decides to sit down and play.

The Sixth:  Do more writing in general.  Document my progress on stuff and get everything on paper.  (Linking to this concept I have been falling in love with post-it notes... they are like bullet notes but more awesome)

So I realize I said 3 but I figure the last three are wishy-washy enough that I can throw them in and not suffer too much.  So that's my plan and I am sticking to it.