Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm in South Africa

So this is so strange. When I first started college I never thought I would end up in Africa let alone making a game dealing with issues such as domestic violence. I think this experience speaks for itself and I am having a hard time figuring out how to put it in words, especially tonight knowing that tomorrow we will be going to an elementary school and we are apparently expected to dance for them...

The rest of the day I am excited for though

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's like a 10 ton truck...

Yep. There is a LOT of stuff going on for me right now. Some good, some not so good, some stressful, some more stressful. But it is all very exciting. I am trying to keep up with my blog (I really need to make this habit) but there is just so much going on. I just got my new computer running (built it myself and very proud of it). So I just got back online in my free time. This upcoming school semester I am excited for but a lot of what I am doing is going to be stuff I hope to put in my portfolio so I want it to look nice and feel right (which it never quite will but I hope to get it close). I have 3 main ideas for prototypes I hope to work on during school. My senior project is what I am most worried about. I don't know what the class involves but working with my partner Kyle R. (a good friend since freshman year) will be good. All I know is that it is an important project and will probably end up being a bit portfolio piece (if I don't turn out something crappy). But what is weighing on my mind the most right now is the UNFPA project. I am going to South Africa in 3 days to do research. It is a bit mind blowing and happened super fast. I am looking forward to it but I am also scared. Either way it will be a good experience. I think that is all for now but I think I might go into more detail later on my ideas for prototypes. But I need to rest for now.

Friday, August 15, 2008


So I suppose I should probably mention who I am and what I do. Well I graduated from Salem High School in New Hampshire in 2005 and that is really when all of this started. I began going to Champlain College in Burlington Vermont. I am now going into my fourth year in the Electronic Game and Interactive Development as a Designer. I am currently working on 2 game projects right now and in my last year here I will be working on my Senior project as well as other design courses involving level design and prototyping. I honestly am not sure where I am going after this year. I am not even sure what it is I want to do. All I know is that I love writing and design theory so hopefully I can find something to combine the two. Anyway, that is sort of the reason I finally decided to start this blog. I want to keep writing even if it is not entirely relevant to my profession. I also want to keep my brain thinking about Design theories. I hope to share my design processes a little here and to share my concepts and some of my writing (as well as empty my head of strange personal thoughts so if those put you off just ignore them). I will soon go into detail on the projects I am working on but this is mostly to give this place a foot hold and get me in the habit of using it. Again thanks for reading.

First Post

Hey people,
So this is my blog. I haven't ever been much of a blogger. I when I was younger I tried a few different web journal style things but I never had much to write about. But I figure now that I am coming up on professional life (scary) I might have a little bit more to write about. So this is a place for my thoughts to reside. I hope to use it to share ideas and get feed back on them as well as hopefully connect to a few people who I find interesting and vice versa. But this is just an introduction so I think I will leave it short and simple. Looking forward to actually using a blog.

Thanks for reading!