Monday, October 27, 2008

C is for Crazy that's good enough for me

I am really bad at doing this... Thank you for bugging me about posting I really need to make it a habit like weekly would be best (though I don't know how much new information will be popping up. Anyway, here goes.

So life is still crazy, I say that casually these days. Like "Oh yea life is still crazy... nothin' new" but that is kinda how I have been feeling. But when I really sit down and think about it my life is crazy and not just crazy like a lot of stuff going on I mean crazy like a lot of awesome stuff is going on. For example, We have a deliverable for the UNFPA project in 2 days. Like people from the UNFPA will be reading this document... That is huge. I never though I would be in a situation where my work would be judged by the same people that work to reduce poverty work wide on a daily basis. That is crazy. I am pretty excited about it though. I am nervous because I feel like no one in the world knows how to make this game, let me say that again no one knows how to make this game. I have to make it. Crazy. I am still working on Information Literacy and it is freaking me out but we won't get into details on THAT. Lets just say it is something I needed and it was my first real taste of production outside of class. In class I am learning a ton in my level design class, I am loving level design by the way. It is this awesome place where I can feel artistic and create artistic spaces while still focusing on things like balance fun design etc. it is a good hybrid and it is one of those classes that has me learning how to learn. I need to learn and use some Kismet by Thursday and that is crazy too but awesome I can't wait to sit down and work on it. My Advanced Seminar class I feel like has been on the back burner. I am working on a design in that class that I love, I love it but it doesn't feel like a priority for some reason (crazy). It is this awesome little game about how communication works, how it strengthens us and how we need connections to make it anywhere in life. My other idea I had for that class that I absolutely love but won't have time to work on until later is an electronic game for the blind. It focuses on alternate feedback but I haven't put any real time into it. My other classes are nothing work loads comparatively I treat them as time that I don't have to work on other stuff and THAT is crazy. That is the majority of stuff in my work/professional life but as a side note my personal life isn't any less confusing.

But speaking of communication, a little while ago I had a pretty good opportunity make new connections and practice my communication skills. The opening of the EMC was just last Tuesday (feels like a year ago) and I met many awesome people from all kinds of different professions who all had interest in what we were doing. The governor of Vermont was even there. What was really cool was I got to talk to Jason Della Rocca - Executive Director of the IGDA among other folks from 'the biz' in Montreal. A2M is sounding cooler by the second and they will definitely be on my list of companies to look at/apply to. We got to talk to people from EA, Microsoft, and America's Army as well (crazy). It was an awesome experience and built my confident in what I am doing at the EMC even more. Now I just have to make sure that confidence transforms that C in crazy to C is for Career and THAT is good enough for me.