Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Overdue Update

It has been some time since my last update but I have good reason. I started a new job, I'm still applying to positions as much as possible, I am still working on a few personal projects.

My last update I was working on nanowrimo. Unfortunately I didn't quite finish but I am going to continue writing my story. I'll let you know when I complete it.

In the mean time I hope to write a few more micro reviews on games that have crossed my path recently. I also hope to write a more detailed post on the topic of card advantage at some point so that should give me something to keep me writing here for a little while. Looking forward to warm weather and visiting friends in Burlington soon so I'll probably be posting about that at some point. (maybe with pictures?) So I guess thats something else to look forward to. That's all for now.

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