Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I've Been Up to

Well, I applied to a few jobs in/around Boston today so wish me luck!

But besides from the job search I have been keeping busy, mostly writing actually. It has been a while since I have really sat down and writen a bunch of stuff so it felt good.

I am getting pretty excited about my D&D campaign, it feels like it is coming along but I have a ton of stuff still in my head that I haven't gotten onto paper... er... wiki.

Other than that I have basically been writing character bibles for use in role plays as well as some of my own stories. Heck some might even cross into my campaign.

I have also finished reading 3 small books recently. The Power of Myth, This Book Does Not Exist for only 9 bucks at Barnes and Nobles I recommend it, and The Universe in a Single Atom, not to mention four short comic books.

I really enjoyed the first two and recommend them as easy/awesome reads. I may have already mentioned Campbell but I have been looking into his other works and the works of Bill Moyers (his interviewer). I really want to find his PBS series so I think that is my next project.

Other than that I have recently downloaded the trial for Multimedia Fusion 2 and finished the tutorial. I am hoping to challenge myself to do rapid designs of different types of game and perhaps then redesigning them with a twist.

Finally, I have been playing Guitar Hero II with my father recently, I think he is almost ready to move up to Medium difficulty. I myself am only just breaking into Expert (I don't think I can even beat all the songs on hard yet...) but I am getting there. I also am hoping to show him CoD 4: Modern Warfare as I think he will love it.

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading.

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